Roger Bagen Rarat Race 2014, a Contemplation

Prologue :

While UCI could handle and present only 7 World Cup Downhill series plus 1 World Championship between Apr-Sept 2014, while EWS Management could only do the same thing with its 7 series of Enduro World Series in Apr-Oct 2014, Roger Bagen did manage to organize 13 (Yaaap .. it’s not a typo error .. it’s thirteen .. thirteen fuck** insane races brooo hihihihihi) series of its Rarat Race between 12 Jan-14 Dec 2014 !!!!

No .. I was kidding about comparing the Rarat Race with UCI DH and EWS 🙂 but I was serious about those 13 races across the region in all provinces in Java Island the like West, Central, East Java and Yogyakarta. Myself was lucky enough and managed to take part 6 races (the first 4 races, series #8 and series #13) with the intention purely to have fun with the race. I dont have racing DNA in my blood, besides what I could expect from mediocre skill and endurance level that I have 🙂



 A Contemplation

Roger Bagen 2014 Rarat Race; arguably the most cheerfull yet gnarliest MTB race in town.

Time flies … It seems like only yesterday we were loading the bikes and backpack to Sumedang for the start of the adventure that would be the 2014 Roger Bagen Rarat Race Series season. As now we are in October heading into the final part of what has been an exciting season. Yet we still dont know how many series we’ll have till the end of December but for sure Insya Allah we’ll be having series #12 in mid of November and Mt Slamet area’s soil will be the primary target to host this serie.

Majalengka 12 Jan 2014 - 007r
The crowd looking for pole position at serie #1 Rarat Race 2014


Coming into this season many people were expecting Kang WJ aka Wilman Jess to be the dominant force in the racing this year, yet even though we are heading to the end with him at the head of the standings, it hasn’t been that simple. In the opening race om Demang showed how tight the competition was going to be, opening the season with a win and granted him 9 points while kang WJ and om Cecep were at 2 and 3 and got 8 and 6 points respectively.

For round two in Mt. Merapi and Mt Merbabu,Kang WJ and om Demang still set the pace collected 18 and 15 points in total. The other three riders, Om Ali Badil, om Ade TN and Pak Didik seemed had started their engine already, and pushed the competition very hard with quite solid win at 3, 4 and 5 position.

Rarat Race series #2 in Klangon trail and Turgo DH park arguably one of my favorite race in 2014. Trail condition, the marshalls,  the view of the dashing of mt. Merapi were really the plus factors of this race.


Surprisingly the hype of Roger Bagen Rarat Race started attracting more riders to join as we saw some of well-known names like om Julfasus from AllRide team, Kang Cican JJ and also not to mention other talented riders listed in current standings.

Rarat Race series #4 at Pangheotan was I might say the most unfriendly race for me. *Cough* lost *Cough* two times. First in the middle of local’s farm and the second one was at the boring double track and got full pedalling at rubber forrest section without passing by the Jumanji spot.

While Rarat Race series #8 at Bromo was also my favourite race but also made me smile whenever I saw my picture album.. The level of MTB banter was a bit radiculous … Damn !!!!. Have you ever thought your lovely bike was made as a pickup bumper from Bekasi to Malang? That’s what happened to my Bullit hahahahaha.



Rarat Race at Bromo will always be remembered as a race which had most accidents, 4 riders were down with 1 got a quite serious injury wich forced him to not riding for couple of months.

Rarat Race series#11 at Rawagede trail.. the kind of nasty and very phisical demanding trail crossing 3 hills and the level of competition was getting hotter and hotter with less than 20 points difference among top 7. Mathematically with more than 2 series to go and with more strategies, more team order, more new rigs to come they can overlap each others. So here we go the latest standing after series #11.

Hmm wait … did I mention ‘team order’?? the thing you may find only in Roger Bagen Rarat race which a rider has mutual agreement (hmmmm actually it’s an order) to other fellow riders (hmmmm to be honest… actually they are his team member at his office hihihihih) to protect and secure him in any ways at all cost during the race. If you want to overlap the one who gives team order than first you need to overlap 2, 3 or even 4 his team mates

As mentioned earlier we will see some riders with new bike and new parts in series #12. Some riders were spotted in a well-known bike store looking for good deal for a new DH rig, while others were spotted test-driving their new bikes at Pangheotan trails a couple days back.

As expected, Rarat Race serie #12 at some very nice yet quite technical trails in Purwokerto and Purbalingga went well. Most of of the top 15 racer participated in this series and brought home some comfortable wins and points.

In their off-the-race season, some riders the like om DJ, Kang LD, om Agung and om Badil took the opportunity to race at Urban Downmall Miko Mall Kopo Bandung on 29-30 Nov 2014 with a not-so-bad (if it’s not a huge) result. Not soley to warm-up their fitness and sharp their skill but also as part of their preparation for the last series of Rarat Race 2014.

Urban Downhill Miko Mall 2014

Now we were approaching the last series of 2014 Roger Bagen Rarat Race which will be held at Nura and TW trails in Puncak Bogor on 14 December 2014. More than 18 riders reported to take part in this race. A final, a live or dead series for some riders to prove themselves as the fastest, the strongest, the pongah-est, the most blago rider in Roger Bagen.

It’s indeed very intresting to see whether om DJ who just crowned himself 5th place in Master D class at Miko Downmall will be able to catch up the only 10 point gaps with current 1st position Kang WJ. Or perhaps Om Agung will be able to take benefit from his fitness in his golden age to overlap om DJ. Rumors said that om Agung has something new on his rig for this serie #13. The other interesting theory to prove is … whether racing experiances is more important thing compared to the fitness among the riders? Only time can tell

By the time I was writting this article I just back home after taking part Rarat Race series #13, this was another one of the best Rarat Race I have ever had, a trully thrilling yet breathtaking race. If you love following UCI DH World Cup and World Championsip, you must be familiar enough with what happened to Sam Hill at 2008 World Champ at Val di Sole. After sweeping up nearly 6.3 sec at the second split and not-so-far from the finish line Sam crashed in a dry and loose apex of the last turn. In a very smaller level om Onal -from Robek Bekasi the new comer in rarat race 2014- also had a really bad day today in TW5 trail. Started the race in the second tier of pole position, he managed to take over some riders in front of him. Coming into the wood section he was already in first position but a pitty somehow he got a snakebittes in his rear tyre. Om Onal cried very loud and didnt believe of just happened. And of course all the other riders took benefits from this accident and seemed everybody was happy … Yang penting hasiiiillll ahirrrrr braaaaayyy …hahahahahaha.

With a very humble and down-to-earth ceremonial Pak Fivin and Pak Didi awarded the top 5 winner of Roger Bagen 2014 Rarat Race the medals. Below is standing after series #13 @ TW5, Nura & Ngehe 1/2 trails.


1. Kang WJ aka Wilman Jess
2. Om DJ aka Dedi Japra
3. Om Agung aka Gunger
4. Om Onald aka Aset
5. Pak Sadeli lauw

Big congrats to everyone in the top 5. See you in series#1 Rarat Race 2015 at Purbalingga and Purwokerto. Mark your calender … start building your RRI antenna 🙂


Standing After Series #12 :

1. Kang WJ. 148 point
2. Om DJ. 138 point
3. Om Agung. 121.point
4. Om Ronald. 108 point
5. Om Sadeli. 93 point
5. Kang LD aka Tief 93 point
6. Om Demang. 74 point
7. Om Cecep 70 point
8. Om Ade TN. 64 point
9. Om Badil. 54 point.
10. Om Eduy. 38 point
11. Pak Didik. 30 point
12. Om Anto. 25 point
13. Om Aris 23 point
14. Om Tito 20 point
15. Kang Cican Candra. 17 point
16. Om Erky. 16 point
17. Kang Irwand. 15 Point
18. Om Izal. 13 point
19. Mantel T4. 12 pointt
20. Om Jaya. 9 point
21. Om Julfasus. 8 point
22. Om Erik. 7 point
23. Om PHD. 5 point
24. Om Zulfian
25. Om Henry. 3 point
26. Om Engkus. 2 point
27. Om Fefa. 2 point
28. Kang Amar. 2 point
29. Om Eka 1 point


List of Rarat Race 2014 Series & Tracks :
Serie 1. Wado – Sumedang # 12 Jan 2014
Serie 2. Mt. Merapi – Mt Merbabu #1-2 Feb 2014
Serie 3 Palasari X #2 Mar 2014
Serie 4. Pangheotan #15 Mar 2014
Serie 5. Cibisoro #
Serie 6. Malangbong #
Serie 7, Puncak #
Serie 8. Bromo #25-26 May 2014
Serie 9. Tangkurax Garut #
Serie 10. Cidaun #6-7 Sep 2014
Serie 11. Rawagede #12 Okt 2014
Serie 12. Mendoan Purwokerto-Purbalingga #8-9 Nov 2014
Serie 13 Nura, TW 3/5 Puncak #14 Dec 2014


Cheers, Mantel. Cikarang 15 Des 2014

Salam T4 aka TaTuTuTa aka Tanjakan Tuntun Turunan Takut (

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